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Okay, first post!

So this whole Laguna time thing... GAH. It's like, Square didn't even put much thought into it, just assigned some random ages to people and left it at that. I'm reading through the Final Fantasy Wiki, about Laguna, and... well, here is his page. And I know, wikis are not usually 100% reliable, but in this case it's all I've got. :|

Forgetting about Laguna for a moment... Julia's info is also kind of off. slkfhksdf

Alright, so we've got Laguna at 27 in the beginning of the flashbacks. Since in that very first flashback, he goes to Deling City and meets Julia, he's still gotta be 27. Julia, meanwhile, according to her own wiki page, was 22 at the time she met Laguna. The two of them talked throughout the night, and apparently (according to Julia's page), Laguna got the order to move out the next morning. I'm not sure I agree with the morning thing though, because it didn't really seem like Laguna left and came back. Although it's possible he stayed with her, talking all night until the early morning hours... or they HAD SEX LOL — but I doubt this, because neither of them seem the type to just have sex right off the bat like that.

Anyway! Orders are to GTFO of DC and go to Centra. Now, look... I'm pretty sure it had to have taken them a few days to get there. At that point in time, it seemed like any kind of airships — at least for Galbadia's side — were not in existence. All we saw were cars. (But who knows... this is another of those things Square left out. :| HELICOPTERS MAYBE? fuck.) They may have had sea vessels too, though, which they'd need to get to Centra. So... a few days, huh? A week or so? Anyway, they're in Centra, and get attacked by Esthar soldiers. Kiros and Ward end up injured, but Laguna's... kind of okay. They escape from Centra and return home, where they apparently disband from the army. This had to have taken some time though, not just, like, a day. :| Probably as long as it took for them to get there in the first place... but I'm sure there had to have been some papers signed in order for them to leave the army. Otherwise, they'd be considered AWOL, and... that would probably not bode well for them. Apparently, Laguna separates from his homies, too, and sets off on his own. It's unknown what he plans on doing, though... maybe pursue his journalism dreams? FRICK WHY WASN'T THIS MADE CONCRETE.

Julia, meanwhile, thinks Laguna is dead because he hasn't come back for her. She is comforted by Caraway, and eventually they get married. This site about Julia says it was after a couple of months. It also says that she gives birth to Rinoa a year later at the age of 23. ...Which would make things consistent with her age of death being 28, while Rinoa is 5 years old. MORE ON THAT LATER. because uuughhh.

So Laguna! Ends up in Winhill SOMEHOW. I don't even know why... just looking for work, maybe? Exploring it for his journalism work? idk. But here's where I begin to wonder more how shit's going, here. The script says this:

"Hey, how long has it been? You know, our grand escape from Centra?"


"Well, I would say about a year or so."

"I was bed-ridden for over 6 months. It seemed like every bone in my body was in pieces."


"[...] I was able to recover in about a month or so. Ever since then...I've been searching for you."

OKAY SO WHAT IS GOING ON HERE LOL. Is Kiros referring to his recovery following the Centra incident? If so, it would be assumed that Laguna, due to the fact that he wasn't too badly injured, was able to leave the army before Kiros and Ward did. Seems strange that he would leave his friends like that, though, but eh. :| But back to Laguna... SIX MONTHS TO RECOVER. Not only that, but Kiros says it's been about a year or so. Whether that means almost a year or a little over a year, I don't know. Either way, this means Laguna is probably about 28. Julia could very well be 23 right now, and that's when she supposedly has Rinoa, but...

That would make Rinoa older than she is, though. :| I was also under the impression that Squall was older than Rinoa, given that Rinoa says she was 16 during the previous summer when she met Seifer. If that was summer, and her birthday was March 3rd... well, let's assume summer meant July. She would have JUST turned 16. Squall's birthday is in August, and I'd have to say that during that same year Rinoa met Seifer, he turned 17. Because! If you look at his study panel in the classroom, it says that the SeeD exams are given in the spring. He is 17 at the start of the game, and if that's in the spring, he had to have turned 17 the year before. And Rinoa would have likely just turned 17 prior to the events of the game, because spring is usually the March to May time frame.

But back to Laguna and Raine. Okay. Laguna's wiki page says that he proposed, but they never got the chance to marry. But I don't agree with that. :| At the end, Raine's headstone says "Raine Loire", surely indicating that the two of them had been married. Remember, the Winhill people were like "OMG GTFO!!!" at Laguna, and it seems unlikely that they would give their most treasured resident Laguna's last name if it weren't legally hers, given that they didn't like him... especially when he wasn't there for her when she died. I'm sure that pissed them off even more. That said, I think they were already married by the time Ellone was kidnapped and Laguna headed off after her.

Squall was born nine months later. Or so I think, because FF8's primary race is humans, and I'm sure children take nine months to develop. ...Though I do wonder if maybe Squall was a bit premature, which could explain the complications that led to Raine's death; Winhill is a small rural town that didn't like outsiders, and I'm sure they didn't have the same medical advancements that everyone else had. But idk... I think in either case, the birthing process put far more stress on Raine and her body than it did for the baby himself.

ALRIGHT SO SHIT IS GETTING COMPLICATED UGH. I must at this point direct you to this page. It's a timeline I started making for Turn the Page, because I wanted to make sure I had a sense of times that certain events happened. FUCKING THING ISN'T THERE ANYMORE BECAUSE THAT SITE DIED, FUCKING FUCK. I went by current years, because they were a lot easier to work with. There are a few errors in it right now (especially where Laguna is concerned) because ... for one, all of his pre-FF8 history has to be guess anyway, and secondly, I had him as 25 when he met Julia because that's how things worked out when I did the math (because it's listed in several places that his age in Squall's time is 44). But I changed him to 27 in that instance and pushed back his birth year, so. Everything else needs to be caught up. I still have Julia as 20 at the time she meets Laguna, too, because... UGH BRB WITH THIS. slkdfsd

Anyway. The year 1987 is where everything starts happening. Everything I have there is my interpretation of things. I'm still working on things though, and hopefully my replaying of FF8 will help me out. But there's that.

But okay, so. We go back to Julia. She was never given a birthdate, so that made this even harder. :| Even giving her one myself didn't make it much easier. But anyway. If she was 22 at the time she met Laguna (year 1987), and had Rinoa at the age of 23 (1988), that would mean that Rinoa would have been 16 in 2004... which would be very inconsistent with her 2006 meeting of Seifer. Not to mention, she would be 18 then! SO WTFFFFFFF.

I'm sure there are like 290482903 other things I want to say here, but ugh. My thoughts are sort of going in several different directions and I'm confusing myself further the more I try and think about things. D: So I'm gonna leave it at this for now! I'll undoubtedly come back to it at some point, though.

Tags: are you fucking kidding me, bitch what, come on now, do they know the meaning of details?, elena thinks too much y/y?, freaking seriously, hello pay attention to the details, how did they do all of that in one day, how is this possible, i'm about to call my timeline canon, less focus on the "love story" damnit, maybe ultimecia fucked with the time, more focus on details, square likes to create headaches, such cockery this is, that is so illogical wtf, this cannot possibly be canon, time inconsistencies, what is the meaning of this, what is this shit, what the fuck
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