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inconsistencies 'r' us


A clipping from Anarchist Monthly, vol. 2 in the Forest Owls' base says:

"President Deling became the president after the 2nd Sorceress War ended. To gain support quickly, he carried out the invasion of Timber. It was only a ploy to decorate an already corrupt man's immoral career... Our land Timber was brutally destroyed. Here began Vinzer Deling's road to dictatorship..."

However, one of the Forest Owls members in the control room tells you that, 18 years ago on the day before the invasion of Timber by Galbadia, the newly-inaugurated (that's what I'm guessing, since he says Deling had just come into power right before this) Deling began a hunt for resistance members; this was also when the fathers of Zone and Watts were killed.

If the [2nd] Sorceress War didn't end until Laguna contained Adel, how could Deling have become president dictator and fought against Esthar in the war? He wouldn't have been president yet. :| I'm also assuming that Laguna and crew were in the army at the time of the Timber invasion; Ward does mention fighting the "almighty Timber army."


Tags: are you fucking kidding me, bitch what, come on now, do they know the meaning of details?, elena thinks too much y/y?, freaking seriously, hello pay attention to the details, how is this possible, i'm about to call my timeline canon, maybe ultimecia fucked with the time, more focus on details, square likes to create headaches, such cockery this is, that is so illogical wtf, this cannot possibly be canon, time inconsistencies, what is the meaning of this, what is this shit, what the fuck
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